Introducing Antara — The Yoga Centre at Raga Svara

ragasvara Nov 15, 2019

Antara is the Yoga Centre at Raga Svara. Yoga is one of the core therapeutic experiences at Raga Svara. We had to build a space which honours this critical importance of the space. This beautiful painting gives a sense of the place that Antara will be. Antara is nestled within a Chikoo orchard. There some Mango trees as well which grow through the roof of Antara.

Making Antara has not been easy. As of this writing (9th October 2019) the slab has been cast but the support props are yet to be removed. It looks like maze of wooden sticks. Like a dried bamboo garden with only the stems. The slab was large enough for us to get ready-mix concrete (we have generally tried to avoid it because of bad experience in a previous project). There were many trees around the building which we had to preserve at all costs. I think the final outcome will set a benchmark in the yoga hall architecture.