I am Mohit Khodidas.

I am in search of the numinous. I wander. The tragedy with wanderers is that we are homesick. Always. Longing for a home we have never known.

I am a pilgrim. A pilgrim without progress. A pilgrim without shrine. I beg for alms on the way. But I find the gates are always closed. Then I wail and prostrate outside.

Project Noesis is a philosophy and literature program that I run at Northstar and Raga Svara. Northstar and Raga are places where a person forms relationship with herself. Sort of Heideggerian In-der-Welt-sein and Geworfenheit. Perhaps more on that someday.

I write about philosophy, education, literature, art, and about my work at Northstar and Raga. I don't see any of these as separate from each other.

I write poetry. I consider myself a naturalist with interest in wildlife, trees, birds, habitats, et al. I am a photographer and I share some of my images here.

My talks: Here, here and here.
You can reach me at mohit@projectnoesis.in

Find out more about my work:
The Northstar School: Here
Raga Svara: Here
RK University: Here