Raga Ayurveda

ragasvara Nov 15, 2019

Ayurveda, as the science of life, is applicable to all living things. A  cornerstone of the Ayurvedic system is the person’s characteristic  physical and mental constitution called “Prakriti". Prakriti also has a  much broader meaning - the manifested universe as a whole. Thus, an  individual’s prakriti is a systematized expression of that individual’s  personal universe.
At Raga Svara, we learn and understand the  prakriti of each individual which allows us to prescribe appropriate  habits and lifestyles to enhance the health of the individual. At Raga  Svara, Ayurveda is performed in its true holistic spirit.

The Artwork:

This  artwork is the amalgamation of two of our central design motifs. The  Gond approach and the Raga Mandala. This unique Raga visual aesthetic  represents the unity of humans and nature. It also signifies the  individuality and importance of all living things within the Ayurveda  system including humans, animals and trees. While maintaining their  individuality they are deeply interconnected. That is Prakriti. The Raga  Way.

-Mohit Patel, Varsha Ritu (August 2019)