My House will have a Roof

ragasvara Jul 1, 2022

It is easy to believe that Raga Svara is a "business" and that it is different from Northstar or RKU, which are our learning institutions. But that would be an error. If anything, Raga is an even more potent form of learning. Raga is about bringing back the prime mover of transformation within one's self, which so often is not the case in formal learning.

Raga is, in Gasset's terms, a "salvation". The "theme" or more aptly the "melody" of Raga is to be placed in direct relation with the "elementary currents of the spirit"; with the pre-eminent concerns of humans: love, belonging, peace, purpose.
The core element of our approach is to provide therapeutic relief to the malaise of the body and mind. Ancient Indian wisdom and therapeutic practices of Ayurveda and Yoga are fully realized within our “home”. Co-existence of traditional approaches and modern systems is not only possible but essential to move towards a broader conception of health and wellness. Our goal is not to stop at therapy but rather move towards Eudaimonia, a sense of flourishing, Kalyanam, moving from relief of suffering to the cultivation of positive emotional and mental states.
For the longest time, we have struggled with putting a price on our offerings. It is almost a debasement. Rationally, I should not be thinking of it that way. However, I have excelled at the art of losing money. If my fate is to be a mediocre maker of ventures, so be it. In the present scheme of things, our offerings have to be priced. Our home needs to run, bills need to be paid, staff needs to be paid, et al. Having been to some of the most expensive retreats in the world, I do not say it lightly that Raga is one of India's best retreats in all respects.

And so it is only natural that the Talavia Family will be contributing a major share of the cost of retreat at Raga for all Raagis. All guests will pay less than half of what we should normally ask. Our prices are now available on the website.
While it is natural in the sequence of steps that led to the conception of Raga, it is not natural in the current world of business. There are no immediate incentives to underwrite transformation of others. But our family has a history of doing such monstrous long term thinking. In the long run, if more people are better educated and healthier in all respects, we are all better off. This is still not a wholly utilitarian step. Being a Raagi is an end in itself. We have no ulterior motive of improving the society through you. If that happens, we would be happy.
Building Raga Svara has cost a fortune, not just in terms of material resources. It has drained us all of our last drop of creativity and brute force of will. But Raga it self will renew us. And if it has to be our salvation, will it first be our annihilation? Who knows.

Remembering Siddhartha's wise words to Kamala: I think, I fast, I wait.