Launching Raga Svara — A Wellness Retreat

ragasvara Nov 15, 2019

We build institutions. Whether its RKU or The Northstar School, we work on  establishing multi-generational organizations that have a social goal at its core.

I am happy to share that we are building another even more audacious (and important) institution, Raga Svara.

Raga Svara is an outcome of many years of my visits, stays, readings, and  interactions with seekers of peace and health within and outside India. The character and ethos of Raga is still emerging and it will always keep evolving.

Raga means to colour, to dye, to tinge. Raga is a framework of melodies, it  dyes a melody to give it a unique colour and emotion. Svara are the notes or steps taken to be in “Raga”.

You may have some inkling on what Raga Svara is based on my previous posts.  The concept and the built environment of Raga is still evolving. But here are the central elements:

  1. Raga Svara is a learning and healing institution. It is difficult to place  it neatly in any category. To put it in familiar categories, Raga sits between a resort, a wellness retreat, an ashram, ayurveda centre, a learning institution and a cultural centre.
  2. Raga Svara is being built in Kasturbadham (near Rajkot) within a wooded site with large trees and fruit orchards.
  3. Raga  Svara is place where residents get “in sync” with nature and one’s  self, they seek slowness, reflection and togetherness, where they can  pause and find peace
  4. Raga Svara is a place to heal, to learn and practice how to heal using ancient Indian traditions of Ayurveda and Yoga.

We  want everyone to learn how to heal. The agency of healing and transformation lies within each person. Raga Svara is the medium, the catalyst, the guide of this transformation.

Watch the identity reveal here.

I will be sharing more details on the experiences we are designing for Raga, including therapeutic, architectural, culinary, philosophical, cultural and aesthetic.