ragasvara Nov 15, 2019

Modern  civilization has brought us to the epitome of material existence, but  it’s easy to forget the suffering it brings along. While it's easy to  gloss over, or actively reject, the causal link between the two, it is  not easy to ignore the toll our body, mind and spirit has taken. Our air  is unclean, water is polluted, food is toxic, and the “noise” corrupts  our minds.

Our  relationship with our microcosm (our bodies and the internal world) is  as broken as our relationship with the macrocosm (our environment and  the external world)

Our  goal at Raga Svara is to create and maintain a harmonious relationship  between macrocosm and microcosm. We need to learn this art of balance to  stay away from the clutches of the modern lifestyle diseases and the  general malaise.

Mohit Patel, Varsha Ritu, July 2019