Explorations: IDENTITY - Perceptions and Consequences

northstar Jan 8, 2020

Learners of Grade 7 -8 through their exploration had a very reflective learning in trying to understand what is identity. Also explored how a person’s behaviour and how they choose to present themselves project aspects of their identity.

As a part of the launch, the learners learnt how fashion is a form of expression/how we express ourselves through fashion. Besides, the learners even identified the elements of fashion/what constitutes fashion and how it affects our perception of one’s identity.

As a part of the deep dive, the learners learnt the influence of socio-cultural norms on how we choose to present/project ourselves. Besides, the learners even learnt to access the impact of these norms on people’s appearance and behavior. As a part of the coda, the learners understood how the appearance and behavior affects/influences our perceptions of others. Further, through the role play, learners identified and discussed the elements of talking and its impact on people, of how dressing, food, and emotions differ in different situations.

All in all, through the exploration, the learners have gotten a glimpse of how significant identity and its components are in influencing one’s behaviour and perception.