Back to Basics

northstar Dec 23, 2019

Design and communication are very important to me. We work very hard to ensure that we communicate our school's values and culture in a beautiful way. I am happy to share a new series we are starting. This set will try to explore various aspects of our school through each letter.  We are calling this series Back to Basics. Alphabets form a very strong conceptual association with education. Common parlance is A for Apple, B for Boy and so on, which has, perhaps rightfully, become a pejorative description of rote and irrelevant learning. We thought of using this as visual base but communicating and establishing new associations with each alphabet representing Northstar in a different ways. Let's move from A to Z to A to NS (Northstar)

E is for Explore

At Northstar E is for Explore. Eveything at Northstar is about having the right opportunities to explore. Explore everything. We don't follow a fixed textbook. Educators themselves are encouraged to explore new ideas with the learners.

Northstar education contributes towards a system where school is an enjoyable and enriching part of life where students feel safe and  supported in the exploration of their True North.

A is for Apply!

At Northstar, our learning is not bound by notebooks  and not limited to classrooms. We love to learn by analyzing ideas but  more importantly, we love to apply our learning which is critically  important for good education.