Anuraga — The Assemblage

ragasvara Nov 15, 2019

Continuing  the series on architecture and landscape at Raga, I am glad to share Anuraga — The Assemblage. Anuraga is the first space you go to when you  enter the campus. As with all spaces in the campus, Anuraga is designed  with co-existence and harmony as its central elements. Anuraga is place  to come together. Anuarag is adjoined by a big open plaza, which is  nestled between old Banyan trees.

These  buildings and landscapes are beautiful. They allow different  interactions and experiences to occur within and around them. I wrote  this earlier when we were designing The Northstar School, that  architecture is not a luxury for us. Raga architecture is not about  making a statement or an impression. For me, our buildings and  landscapes are existential spaces, which are fundamental to establishing  a relationship between us and our environment. This is fundamental to  my thinking about Raga Svara as an institution.

One  way that I think about Raga is through, what I describe, “Porosity of boundaries”. I want to make the solid walls between apparently different  ideas more porous, more accommodating. Ideas which are traditionally  thought of and treated as separate: Bodily health and psychological  health, western philosophy and eastern philosophy, modern medicine and  traditional medicine, recreational space and educational space. These  are just a few that are fused in a meaningful whole at Raga.

And  I’ll repeat again, Raga is unlike any other institution. It is not  possible to put us in any category. I am hoping that you are all able to  find value in what we build.