Announcing Noon: Northstar Online

Announcing Noon: Northstar Online

The last few months have been hard professionally, as with many of us. Not being able to see the kids has been a major downer. Add to that the learning experience of live videos conferencing. Its been hard for teachers and students both. These are difficult times, particularly for small schools like ours. We are easy targets for populists and opportunists everywhere. Everyone loves to plant a nice kick when someone's down. But we are resilient. Our fundamentals are strong. We are here to do good, and we will continue to do so.

In all the madness going around, we've managed to silently work on something amazing. We are launching two major initiatives: Noon (Northstar Online) and Northstar Content Library. These are two major initiatives and will significantly increase the school's offerings.

We have developed a unique model of learning that guides our instructional design. Northstar Exploratory Learning is the foundation of learning experiences at Northstar. At Northstar students learn in different ways, in different places and from different people, including teachers, peers, community members and themselves. If we have learnt anything about learning during COVID-19 it is that there is no replacement for in-class experience and that online learning offers some unique advantages. Noon is a blended learning platform. It is designed to support and enhance the incredible in-class experience at school. Leveraging the unique possibilities of online learning, we will be significantly upgrading our offerings as a school. Noon is an incredible learning platform that kids will love to explore. That brings me to the second initiative: We are creating original learning content that will be available only on Noon. Our content library has digital resources with awesome production qualities and are aligned with Northstar framework.

I am so proud of my team.

We will be beginning beta access soon. I am really not sure when and who gets access as of now, but I just wanted to share this great teaser :)

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